Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scarlett's First Birthday` and misc


So I'm a bad blogger...sue me. It's been a while, folks! Much has happened! So far this year, Scarlett has grown like a weed and time is flying by! The Richards family went on vacation to Port Aransas in South Texas this summer and had a blast at the beach and pool.

Scarlett is almost one year old now! She progressed quickly from crawling to walking and has four teeth and a few more on the way! She babbles and sings all the time. She loves, loves, loves Chloe Jane! She has been fighting off a virus lately, but even that doesn't stop her from eating! Peas and Nana's mashed potatoes are her favorites! Here are some pics of her birthday party this past weekend (she really wasn't feeling well at all, poor thing):

Chloe Jane is four years old now and loving her new class at school. This summer she had her first big dance recital and did really well (she was the best one, of course)! We are now in gymnastics class. Chloe loves getting manicures and pedicures with Mommy!

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